Dr. Susan Neno

DR. Susan Neno

Almost every picture from Susan’s childhood showed her holding some kind of living creature, whether she was cuddling a family pet or proudly holding up a frog she’d caught! Some of her earliest memories involve her telling any adult who would listen that she was going to become a veterinarian, and her promise held true!

Dr. Neno was born and raised in Lansing, New York. She was active in the 4H club very early on, and decided to attend Tompkins Cortland Community College after graduating high school. She transferred to State University of New York Binghamton, where she worked at a local veterinary clinic in her spare time. Eventually, she was accepted into the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University, graduating with her DVM degree in 1991.

Dr. Neno worked at a clinic in Rochester after graduation, meeting her husband during that time. They moved to Holley, where Susan worked at another hospital. Ready for a change, she came to Barre Animal Hospital in 1999 as an associate veterinarian, eventually purchasing the clinic in 2007 when the original owner retired from practice.

Susan’s husband, Scott, works as a welder. Their two teenagers, Tessa and Derek, are both very involved in sports. The family pets include Tia, a Pomeranian, and three cats: Patches, Flicker, and Gracin.

Currently, most of Dr. Neno’s hobbies revolve around her children’s sports teams. She hopes to get back into photography, art, and dancing soon.

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