Veterinary Technician

Geoff was always inspired by the fact that animals can’t talk and can’t always properly express themselves if something bothered them. He knew he wanted to interpret their signals and help in any way he could, so he decided to become a veterinary professional!

Geoff grew up in Batavia, New York, and attended Medaille College in Buffalo, graduating with honors. When he heard that Dr. Neno was looking for a Licensed Veterinary Technician, he jumped at the chance to work with her. He started in January of 1999 on the same day that Dr. Neno did.

As a Tech, Geoff really enjoys the lab-work aspect of his job. It’s still amazing to him that something as simple as a microscope slide can give insight into medical conditions and help a doctor solve a case. Geoff also finds surgery incredibly interesting, and often assists the veterinarians in surgical procedures.

Geoff took two cats home with him after they were left in the breezeway of the clinic—Anay never tires of trying to catch the laser light, and Shard would hoard any little thing given the chance!

Outside of work, Geoff likes watching movies, playing video games, and reading. He’s read hundreds of novels over the years, and hopes to get back into the hobby soon, as he’s taken a bit of a break from it. He also likes cooking and finds being in the kitchen a good stress reliever!

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Veterinary Assistant, Receptionist

Joy got her first job when she was 15, working in retail. It became stressful and wasn’t rewarding, and when Joy moved to Colorado in 1998 she decided it was time for a change. Shortly afterwards, she entered the veterinary field, and to this day finds it to be a rewarding and fulfilling career!

Joy was born in Tiverton, Rhode Island and moved to Florida with her family when she was eight. When she was 23 she moved to Colorado with her future husband before moving back to New York after five years. She started at Barre Animal Hospital in September of 2009 after working with Dr. Neno at another clinic for three years.

A jack of all trades around the clinic, Joy does reception work, assistant work, and whatever else is needed! She says her favorite part of the job, though, is providing education to clients. She loves to know that something she said or taught a pet owner will make a difference.

At home, Joy and her husband Bob have two daughters, Kaitlyn and Emma. They also have two dogs, Daisy and Anabell, as well as a cat named Bigfoot, a hamster named Blueberry, and a Betta fish named Fernando.

In her spare time, Joy loves reading and watching movies. The rest of her free time is dedicated to her girls—dancing, swimming, basketball, band, and orchestra practice all keep her on her toes!

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Sue’s first horse, Princess, sparked her love of veterinary medicine and animal care. She eventually became assistant manager at the horse farm where Princess was boarded! In May of 2013, she joined the caring team at Barre Animal Hospital as a Receptionist and Customer Service Representative.

Sue was born in Cortland, New York. After graduating high school, she attended State University of New York Morrisville to major in Animal Husbandry. Sue also has experience in the business industry, and brought her services to Barre Animal Hospital when she heard about an open position through a friend.

At home, Sue lives with her husband Dave, their daughter Kimberly, and their son Jesse. They have two dogs: Venus, a German shepherd, and Shelly, a sheltie. They also have Katy, a calico cat, and two quarter horse paint geldings, Dodger and Apache. Spunky, a miniature Gelding, rounds out the pack and thinks he is the leader!

Sue enjoys horseback riding with her kids in her spare time. She also likes playing tennis with her son, and is particularly proud of her status as Ping-Pong Ball champion.

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Veterinary Technician

Becky was born and raised in Hilton, New York, on her family’s third-generation dairy farm. Having been surrounded by animals her whole life, Becky always knew she wanted to work with animals!

Becky attended the State University of New York Delhi to obtain her Veterinary Technician’s license. Previously, she’d worked in PetSmart retail for over 15 years, which taught her a lot about all types of small animals. After working with Dr. Neno at another clinic, Becky decided to apply when she heard Dr. Neno was looking for a Licensed Technician.

Around the clinic, Becky loves radiology, and especially enjoys looking at samples under the microscope to find answers to challenging medical questions. She also likes to see pets go from adorable babies to full-grown, healthy adults.

Becky has many pets of her own at home. Jesse is a Yellow lab that Becky adopted while in college, and Gibson is a Black lab who needs to have a toy in his mouth at all times. She also has three cats, Laili, Costello, and Pearl, as well as two goats named Jasmin and Bell. Rounding out the furry troop is Becky’s chinchilla, Djembe, who she adopted because he has a crooked jaw.

Outside of work, Becky enjoys water sports, and even owns her own jet ski! She also likes downhill skiing in the winter and does a lot of hiking with Gibson.

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Customer Service

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